API On-Site Support

Hydro has a team of specialized and experienced field service technicians who can be available 24/7. Due to the diversified skills of our technicians, we are essentially a one-stop source for all your well control equipment field service/installation and commissioning partners in this industry:

Manifolds and Valves

Our technicians are trained to perform on-site repair or reconfiguration of manifolds, valves, etc. both in onshore and offshore environments. We do the major recertification on-site (excluding any hot works or machining) for all brands and models of valves and manifolds according to the audited SOP as per API 6AR.

BOP- RAM and Annular BOP

We are capable of performing the pre/post-job inspection, the mid-term inspections, etc of RAM type or Annular type BOPs on-site, which includes replacement of seals, fixing of leaks (without any hot work), and even performing the dimensional inspections.

Wellheads and Valves

In order to safeguard asset structural integrity, it is increasingly important to adequately service and maintain wellhead and Christmas tree assemblies to confirm the integrity is fit for purpose and ensure surface barrier against hydrocarbon leakage and reliability in an emergency situation.

As an independent provider of valves and wellhead maintenance services with competent technicians, we perform a range of wellhead maintenance for any type or brand, including:

    • Inflow testing of live well Christmas tree valves
    • Tubing hanger cavity testing
    • Annulus integrity monitoring
    • SSSCV inflow test and function test
    • Valve repair and testing
    • Rig-based or rig-less workover jobs that include hanger and tubing replacement, Christmas tree replacement, etc
    • Installation of BPV/TWCV barriers for workover completion.