We manufacture all types of crossovers (laterals, wyes, crosses, tees, ells and straights) either integral or welded construction with the same or different end connections conforming to API 6A material specifications for standard or Sour H2S service as per NACE MR 0175. 

A hammer union consists of two joints coupled by a threaded nut. The three lugs protruding on the nut are hit with a hammer to tighten the connection instantly, and the self-locking ACME threads energise and provide quick make-up and break-out. 

Our quick turnaround time and quality servicing of all origin and make irons will increase customers' revenue. Standard servicing includes blast clean, MPI, hardness survey, wall thickness measurement, gauging, pressure testing, replacement of seals, paint, SS banding, greasing, and end protection. 

We hold stock of OEM’s loose hammer unions, O-rings, seal rings (Nitrile for Standard service and Viton for Sour Service – packed in black UV protection bags and stored under controlled temperature). We deliver these within a couple of hours from the customer order. 


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We manufacture all types of crossovers with either integral or welded construction

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