Control Systems Equipment

We provide repair and recertification of BOP control systems and can offer API 16D COC under OEM Licence. 

BOP control system unit is a high-pressure hydraulic power unit that provides pressurised hydraulic fluid on demand to operate various functions on BOP stacks, hydraulic-operated choke and kill line valves and diverter system control functions. There are several high-pressure accumulator bottles that store nitrogen gas (in bladders) and hydraulic fluid or water under pressure for hydraulic-activated systems.    

The primary purpose of this unit is to supply hydraulic power to the BOP stack to close/open the BOP stack for both normal operation and emergency. Stored hydraulic in the system can provide hydraulic power to close BOPs in well control operation, meaning kick volume will be minimised. The accumulator should have sufficient volume to close/open all preventers, and accumulator pressure must be maintained at all times.   

The four main components of the Koomey unit are the manifold, accumulators, pumping system, and fluid reservoir tank. 

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